Lots of time to compose?

Last week, Cincinnati had a huge snow day (and guess what? It is snowing right now...) You know you have a snow day when (1) you look outside your window and everything is buried (2) the local news will NOT stop talking about it. (Do we really need a local newscaster to drive on the interstate and give us a view of how the freeways look? STAY HOME.)

I was thinking I had lots of time to get things done, which included everything but composing (I finished reading Susan McCleary articles, graded assignments, did a little workout from Women's Health Mag online, cooked Chinese Red Chicken). I was thinking how composers who have pleasure of having all day to compose balance their time.

Is this possible? As far as I know, most composers have another job to supplement their income (cushy university post, teaching composition/instrument lessons) so maybe free time is nonexistent. I remember Christopher Rouse said a few years ago that he could only find time to compose on Sundays.

Also, can I ever become disciplined enough to make my own schedule? Michael Chabon told the New York Times that he has a strict writing schedule fom 10 AM to 3 PM, Sunday through Thursdays. (Yes, not a composer, I know, but I like Wonder Boys, which I'm currently reading (no judgments, please) and Spiderman II.)

Anyway, back to composing.

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