Lowell Liebermann Clarinet Concerto

This weekend, the Dayton Philharmonic will be premiering the Lowell Liebermann Clarinet Concerto, which was written for Jon Manasse.

According to Liebermann's website,

A consortium of some 14 orchestras and organizations have commissioned Liebermann to write a Clarinet Concerto for Jon Manasse, whose recording of Liebermann's Clarinet Quintet has just been released by Koch Classics (see below.) The orchestras include the Dayton Philharmonic, the Las Cruces Symphony, the Evansville Philharmonic, the Bozeman Symphony, the Chappaqua Orchestra, the Erie Philharmonic, the North State Symphony, the Chesapeake Orchestra, the Roanoke Symphony the University of Massachusetts Amherst Symphony and the Juneau Symphony. The other members of the consortium include the clarinet manufacturers Buffet Crampon USA and Van Doren Paris/DANSR, and the Hanson Institute for American Music at the Eastman School of Music. The first performance of the consortium will take place during the 2009/10 season by the Dayton Philharmonic.

Will I be there? Yes. The composer will be in town.

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