Midwest Composers Symposium 2009

Next weekend (February 13 & 14) I'll be in Ann Arbor, MI for the annual Midwest Composers Symposium. Last year, the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music was invited to go, and this is our second year. There will be a world premiere of my piece Ma fin est mon commencement, est mon commencement for flute, clarinet, and bassoon. My players are awesome, and now that financial headaches and logistical issues are pretty much resolved,* I am quite excited to go. Next weekend I hope to have photos and video available from the trip, so please drop by and check it out. Of course, I do have to stop by Radio Shack and pick up some memory cards.

*This was a nightmare, but considering that I am a composer, I am quite dependent on grants. I'll probably write more about this later.

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