Midwest Composers Symposium Day 2

Today I really meant to video record my new piece, but unfortunately my camera did not recognize that I just inserted a 4 GB MEMORY CARD. Curses. Eh, c'est la vie. So, at least I was able to enjoy the performance. Thanks again to Kara, Rebecca, and Kathleen. If you missed the performance, it will be played again this Wednesday on my recital.

The one thing I like about the MCS is that I'm able to hear lots of different works from these Midwestern schools. (Of course, I have to cram it all in one day, and my brain might be suffering from overload, but that's okay.)

I have to say that in general, all of the performances were very good, and even though I am exhausted (and eating leftovers of my lunch from Zingerman's), I am looking forward to tonight's concert. And the party afterward. In the meantime, enjoy this group picture with Michael Daugherty.

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