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More Composers Who Blog

I think I've been behind in the times. Maybe if I actually leave CCM and experience the real world (aka the interwebz) on occasion, I would know that Alex Ross has launched a new blog on the New Yorker website entitled Unquiet Thoughts.

On this note, Mr. Ross has a post called Blogging Composers where he lists notable composer blogs. I'm going to check them out over time; the first one on the list is John Adams's blog Hell Mouth, and I have already added the RSS feed under the How I Waste My Time section of the blog.

It's interesting. His latest post talks about how going out to the movies has changed over the years and how he despises the latest movie The Men Who Stare at Goats. (That's okay, Ewan! I will still see your latest film!!!)

In the meantime, I will further waste my time today by seeing two films I should have seen this summer: District 9 and Inglorious Bastards.

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