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my chamber music gym buddy

This is a current picture of my office piano. Normally the music stand is empty, or it's occupied with a theory textbook or workbook, mainly so I can bumble through musical examples for my students who see me. Now it has a copy of my latest tape piece (I have to record the toy piano, celesta, and muted piano parts SOON) and Brahms!

Here's a confession: I used to play piano a little more frequently, but I don't anymore because I don't practice. Or I switched to composing. Or I've been doing too much schoolwork, or grading, or wasting my time doing other frivolous things.

I knew this was a problem when one of my former students was talking to me after a concert and she said she wasn't quite sure what my main instrument is. I think something inside me died that day. (I mean, is my playing *that bad* when I play the piano for my theory classes?)

To rectify this, I've decided to start playing again, but I need an incentive. I need a chamber music gym buddy to encourage me to practice and attend rehearsals, or else I'll sit on my bum eating Girl Scout Cookies for the rest of the season.

So, this picture of my office piano looks promising. I promised my friend Angelique I'd play some Brahms with her (and maybe some Debussy!). I'd better start practicing.

[Side note: If you're at CCM, come hear my toy piano debut when I perform the Old Roman chant version of "Haec Dies." No, I am not kidding.]

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