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new american and canadian music on wsum

During his undergraduate days at University of Wisconsin-Madison, my composer friend Neb Macura moonlighted as a DJ at 91.7 FM WSUM, the UW-M’s licensed student radio station.1 His show, "Neb’s Classical Monopoly," was on the air between 2001–2005 and featured classical music, mostly from the twentieth and twenty-first


WSUM is throwing a tenth anniversary of comeback shows, including "Neb's Classical Monopoly." During his stint as guest DJ, he will be streaming new American and Canadian music by Danny Clay, Natalie Draper, Jerry Hui, Carrie Magin, and me, all written during the past ten years. (He will probably include others.)

So, tune in TOMORROW at 11 a.m. CDT to hear a performance of Motordom performed by Terrence Milligan and the CCM Wind Ensemble. For those who live outside Madison (that includes me), click here to stream the show.

1. At first, WSUM was an Internet-only radio station until 2002, when it started broadcasting on the airwaves.

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