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Not Going to Omaha

(WiFi BAKED Fresh)

My initial plans were to attend the Omaha Symphony's New Music Symposium. My piece was not one of the top five chosen (composer fail?), but I was asked to audit (composer win?). Problem was, I would have to miss the world premiere of Bullet Time! And, how could you possibly miss a piece for NINE violas? I mean, seriously.

So, I went on a road trip instead. An eating road trip. One that also involved a stop at a baseball game in Augusta, Georgia. Here's the itinerary.

Kendall A. and I first stopped at Magee's Bakery in Lexington, KY. We had their breakfast casserole and a pastry.

Their breakfast casserole was okay (dried out), but their pastry (I had a cinnamon roll with nuts) was fantastic. Homemade and yeasty. (Please don't think of the Betty White NPR skit.) If you go there, try their baked goods.

Next stop, Scrugg's Real Pit Bar-B- Que.

Actually, we did have their half pound rib plate with beans and slaw.

They used country-style pork ribs instead of baby-back or spare ribs. Tasty. We also tried a smoked bologna sandwich.

If you're wondering what a smoked bologna sandwich is or tastes like, it's pretty much a bologna sandwich (with slaw) and BBQ sauce. We didn't finish it.

(I'm not a fan.)

Afterward, because we were running a little late, we drove through Bojangles's Famous Chicken and Biscuits and headed straight to Lake Olmstead Stadium (Go Tourists!). (Not that I'm a fan of the Tourists, but I'm a fan of anything playing against any Giants affiliate. Of course, the Tourists lost.)

The next day, we headed out to Tommy's Country Ham House in Greenville, SC. (Sorry, no pictures. The last couple of stops I forgot to bring my camera). Good grits, biscuits, and salty ham (not so good).

The last food stop was Hill's Lexington Barbecue.

“Started by Joe Allen Hill in 1951, Hill’s Lexington Barbecue in Winston-Salem is the first to have the name “Lexington Barbecue,” thus their claim to being the “original” Lexington barbecue. At the time they opened there were a few small side street barbecues in Lexington operated by Stamey, Beck and Swicegood. But none called their barbecue place “Lexington Barbecue.”

Here we tried their hush puppies.

We were eating them with BBQ sauce until the server mentioned that people normally eat them with butter. Oops. I then tried their "chopped" platter with sweet potato fries and slaw.

The slaw may not look as green as you'd expect (it's the stuff underneath the pickle slices), but the whole plate was quite tasty. I couldn't finish it all (my stomach would have exploded), so we had to eliminate a couple of stops on the road trip. We finally drove home (and got lost on the way). This was a great road trip (I think we're drinking fruit smoothies and eating salad all day today), and it was something my spouse and I needed this weekend. Happy anniversary, love.

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