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Note: Things that tech people tell you to do

(and you simply brush them aside. I didn't do this on purpose!)

Long story short: I was planning on posting the final videos to my recital today. I successfully edited clip 1. Clip 2 was also trimmed down to size. When I got to clip 3, I realized that the video didn't completely download to my computer.

Why? I ran out of free space on my hard drive. I should have noticed this when I looked at my hard drive usage, said to myself, "Dang. I *barely* had enough space for the video to be transferred onto my computer," and realized that maybe this scenario would be too good to be true. It certainly was.

What did I learn from this incident? Get an external hard drive. And, actually, I have one now (it showed up 5 days after I transferred most of the video from my recital.

So, I think I have to wait until I get back from spring break (SPRING BREAK! WOOOO!) and beg Inez to let me use her DV camera again. In the meantime, should I only post *two* of the three movements of the last piece?

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