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old-time music

Instead of studying for my qualifying exam or working on my orchestra piece, I've decided to stall by writing a piece for violinists Nick Naegele and Joshua Ulrich.

I don't know if postponing my exams and my orchestra piece is a wise decision, mainly because my mother wonders when I'm graduating and Mr. Gibson already wants to see some orchestra sketches, but all I have to say is…

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I'm writing a piece for Nick and Josh! They are such fantastic players that I can't pass up an opportunity to write them a piece.

So, does anyone know how to survive with little sleep? Reduce grading time? Install a dishwasher? 'Cause this girl has to write some new music.

I've started to research this piece by watching some YouTube videos. I thought I'd share them.

Initially I thought, "Hey, Vivaldi wrote some tunes for violin, right?"

Then I remembered this tune by Bach.

And then I remembered this:

Okay, that was a bit random, but last night I started checking these videos out.

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