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paul performs water walk

Happy belated birthday to composer and fellow native southern-Californian John Cage, who is mostly known for his pieces 4'33" and his Sonatas and Interludes (for prepared piano).

I wish that weren't the case. As groundbreaking as these pieces are, John Cage wrote other pieces. Why aren't we music students required to listen any of the Constructions or my favorite, Living Room Music? (On a side note, I am now getting paid to teach a 10-year-old this piece, and we are both ecstatic. Gertrude Stein would be happy.)

Cage also wrote Water Walk, a piece scored for "solo TV performer." My colleague Paul Schuette arranged a performance of this in Cincinnati that was meant to be broadcast.

Goodness, what did I do this summer? I think I was pathetically baking pie and eating bonbons. If you are laughing at me, note that I consider laughter preferable to tears.

Compare Paul's performance with John Cage's.

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