pictures from austin part 1

Here are some pictures of Austin from my trip. I am fondly thinking of Austin right now, especially because I was stuck at the Minneapolis airport for over 9 hours. (!!!) Snow outside my window does not make me happy, but Austin did. Here you go.

Do you know where UT Austin has free parking? At the LBJ Library and Museum. Actually, I think this was the best building on campus.

I took pictures of a few political cartoons.

Here's a picture of "Rodeo" performed at the White House.

Later my friend Mark took me to a food trailer park.

I wanted to eat at this one because they had Korean BBQ sliders, but alas it was closed. I went to this one instead.

And had this:

Yum...crispy tacos...


Stay tuned next time where I show more (food) photos and introduce you to Titus Andronicus. (Is this another cat name? Why yes it is.)

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