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pictures from austin part 2

There may be snow outside my hotel window, but that won't stop me from posting pictures of 70º+ weather and pictures of gigantic donuts.

Here's another picture of the turtle pond at UT Austin.

And turtles underwater.

Here is the donut I promised.

Apparently this is how TEXAS does donuts. After gazing at the incredible size of this donut on, I had to try it. For the record, I did not eat the whole thing. In fact, the four of us could not eat the whole thing.

Speaking of food, the composers at UT are cool and they treated us out-of-towners well with some Torchy's Tacos.

They also told me about their inaugural new music festival next week called Fast>>Forward>>Austin. They even branded me and inducted me into their clan.

(Uh, guys, this fake tattoo is...still there. It has been a week. Sure it's fake?)


Here is Hermes Camacho conducting my piece with my players. Thanks guys!

And, here is a picture of Titus Andronicus. Titus was born on Hollywood Blvd. approximately 10 years ago and now lives with my sister-in-law in Austin. I miss you buddy.

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