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press play at the pta

I was asked by the Cincinnati Performance Time Arts (PTA) to contribute a performance to their April fundraiser. What's better than "Press Play?" I'd say it's "Press Play" plus modern dancers.

Here's "Press Play" with Kari Olson, Mandy Milligan, and Julie Eichen.

In other (sad) news: I have to retire one of the tape recorders. I own two of the Fisher-Price models you see above, and unfortunately one of them can no longer be used in performance due to its deathly-slow playback and mechanical wheezing. At first, this did not hinder performance (the slow whir of the motor sounded precious, actually), but now it does not playback anything. Don't worry, I will not put it out to pasture: because I had this exact same tape recorder as a child, I will cuddle it forever.

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