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press play preview, part i

Well folks, "Press Play," a recital of my works (and the name of a brand new tape piece of mine) will premiere this Thursday. If you're in town, you should come! To quote one of my clarinetists, "it will be baller."

Today I'm previewing a couple of pieces from my Gray Goo Series, a soon-to-be laptop cycle that will be a collection of electro-acoustic improvisatory pieces for an acoustic instrument and laptop. It's Man vs. Machine! Who will win? Will the instrument be defeated by technology, or will they learn to coexist?

The first original piece in the series is "Sounds from the Gray Goo 1.0," originally performed by Kevin Lewis. For my concert, I am expanding this to *four* percussionists, one at each corner of the theater. (This will be "Sounds from the Gray Goo 1.01.") Here's a preview:

(Tyler Niemeyer, percussion; Jennifer Jolley, laptop. Rumor has it that Tyler will be using those saw blades again in this piece.)

The second piece in the series (v.2) that will be performed is "Sounds from the Gray Goo 2.11" for acoustic clarinet ensemble. We don't have to worry about the laptop engulfing these instruments or taking over the world.

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