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press play preview, part ii

Do you know what happens when you leave town for a week? You're behind. I meant to post other recordings of my work as a preview for my show TONIGHT, but alas, school and work got in the way.

[If you're in town, 6:45 PM, Cohen Family Studio Theater. There will be some fun prelude and postlude stuff, so feel free to come early and leave later.]

What I can preview is the world premiere of "press play," the namesake of my concert. Here's a recording of the piece.

Will the piece sound like this? Absolutely not. I will take each of the fugal lines and record them onto a different tape recorder. There will be 12 tape recorders total, most of which are from the 80s. The playback will be completely warped due to the age and low quality of the tape recorders.

Beautiful. Or disturbing.

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