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recording of le monde et al.

Thanks to the Presser Foundation, I just came back from Philadelphia attending the Opera America Conference,1 meeting with Michael Ching in person for the first time, seeing his opera Slaying the Dragon and Nico Muhly's Dark Sisters, and creating buzz about my new opera company NANOworks.2

Before I leave on my third and final road trip of the series (going to Boston with a stop in Delaware, OH), I am happy to post the recording of the piece I wrote for CCM Phil entitled Le monde du silence. More information can be found on my website, including the narration text. Mark Gibson, conductor, Ron Esposito, narrator.

I did post a sketch of this earlier online via my SoundCloud page, when I was asked to write a short sixty-second work for the Ottawa New Music Creators. Hey, why not.

Ultimately, I meant to expand my oceanic chamber work "The Silent World," but instead of musically expanding it, I conceptually expanded it. And then I decided to pollute the whole thing.3 Here's the pristine version.


1. …and happily pocketing the free Crabtree and Evelyn shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Dude, that hotel made me pay extra for Wi-Fi.

2. North American New Opera workshop, by the way. Anyone out there have a short ten-minute or thirty-minute opera they want to send my way? I wasn't joking when I said I was going to start my own opera company.

3. I trashed Britten and Debussy in the process. I hope they don't mind.

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