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save the princess! sound sources

After attending the nerdiest Halloween party ever, it's time for me to work on my proposed sound installation. (If you thought your Halloween party was nerdy, mine was FAR nerdier. Someone dressed up as Gesualdo's wife; someone else dressed up as Anna Magdalena Bach. One person dressed up as a tonic chord; his date dressed up as a mediant chord, and they were in a "mediant relationship." I attempted to dress up as Björk (it was sort of Kyle's idea), but I had to explain to a couple of people who she is.)

I thought this sound installation would be an excuse to play Super Mario Bros. as much as possible (I downloaded it onto my Wii!), but I sadly don't have the patience or the time to work through this game.

Yes, I truly suck at playing video games. I die within a few minutes.

I found a solution to my problem. Here this kid supposedly saves the princess in 5 minutes.

And this guy never took good care of his cartridges.

Can you hear the glitchy octave displacement? This is way cool.

Now, here's a video that combines the music of Tchaikovsky and the aesthetic of old school video games. (Yes, it has nothing to do with my project.)

Okay, back to work.

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