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Sibelius Beta Testing

A few days ago I signed up to be a Sibelius Beta Tester, which, considering my love for Sibelius products (I purchased my first copy of Sibelius in 1999), I should have done years ago.

Some of my friends have asked how they can sign up, so I will tell you that you can register by clicking here. NB: You must be a registered Sibelius user to fill out this form. And, by registered user, you must remember the email address they have for you on file. Unfortunately I didn't have my current gmail email address on file, so I went through the painful process of having to remember almost every email address I ever had, and when this didn't work, I had to recall different street addresses. Fortunately the Vermont address worked, and since then I have updated my contact information. I also realized that in 10+ years, I've moved around a bit.

On a side note, I'm rooting for Xavier's basketball team during the NCAA tournament for obvious reasons. Matt Westgate is with the pep band, and even though I haven't seen him on television, I did see his band perform The Final Countdown. Does their win salvage my bracket? Eh, well, didn't we all pick Kansas?

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