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some summer projects

I thought I'd break up the rejection pile a bit with a random post that involves puppets, opera, and maybe a puppet opera. And some deep thoughts.


  • Puppet Camp was fun: I met lots of cool people and improvised some incidental music to some of the participant projects. Heck, I even wrote some music for one of the participant projects.

Meet Helmut.

Isn't he beautiful?

  • Helmut sang a puppet aria, which will be included in a future production of Larry L. Hensel's Opera in a Gym program out at the University of Wyoming. Gotta love Puppet Opera Outreach.

  • There is a possibility I would have enjoyed Puppet Camp a little more if, let's say I wasn't preoccupied with Opera Stuffs, but that's okay.

  • But hey, speaking of Opera Stuffs, NANOWorks produced their last show! And I got to hang with Marie Incontrera, which was awesome.

So, the rest of the summer will include:

  • reducing Copland for my academic institution…

  • going to baseball games

  • reading about baseball games

  • going through over sixty NANOWorks opera entries so I can pick the next season

  • sadly sending out rejection letters…there might be a new blog post about this…

  • maybe cuddle a cat?

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