sound installation potluck

Here's a confession: I've only been to one sound installation prior to this one. (As much as I enjoyed listening to Music for Airports during a yoga class, I knew I wasn't listening to the piece at La Guardia Airport.) The first sound installation I attended was Mara Helmuth's Hidden Mountain 2, an interactive multimedia and wireless-sensor-based installation in February 2009.

I hope to rectify this by taking a sound installation class in the fall with Charles Woodman at DAAP, but in the meantime, I thought I'd expose myself to others whenever possible.

This past Saturday, the sound installation Aural Grid was presented on Main, Orchard, Sycamore, and 13th Streets in Cincinnati’s historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Here are the signs designating this sound space.

While walking around, I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from, which I guess was the point. I then discovered some speakers.

I think some sound was coming from above the roof up here.

Here's another speaker.

I wasn't sure if this was prerecorded music, but then I found these guys:

That's Eddy Kwon playing violin on top of the roof. I was talking to him afterwards at a potluck, and he said that he and his friends were improvising for an hour on different rooftops. They also had a girl dancing to their music on the roof, which was videotaped, so that footage may surface later.

To see other pictures from the event, click here. I also recorded some video of the installation.

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