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Summer (Blog) Reading

Yes, I made it to Switzerland after a long day of travel (I am totally up and jet lagged right now), and I was able to finish up Accent10 and pack and finish almost everything, except for that "write a piece in 14 days business." Oh well.

Due to my day of travel, I'm catching up on my internet activities (email, fantasy baseball, Facebook, blogging), so instead of writing something novel I thought I'd share a couple more blogs I'll be working on this summer that you should be following. Details after the jump.

MusicX Musings

This will chronicle what's going on at the Music10 Festival in Blonay, Switzerland. Hopefully there will be other contributors, especially Kyle Werner. (No pressure, Kyle.)

Building a Better Opera

My librettist started a blog chronicling our big jump into writing an opera. As mentioned by my librettist, yes, "the title of this blog is a bit brash and may ruffle a feather or two (really I doubt it, though, the feathers that would be most ruffled probably aren’t reading blogs)." The title of the blog is taken from a short story my librettist wrote called "Building a Better Joshua." The site is still under construction, but you can expect views from both the librettist and the composer in this process. Or, mostly from the librettist right now. (I'm in Switzerland, remember?)

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