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take the F train TODAY

Sorry this post is up a little later than usual: I was delayed by my grade submission duties and a McSkillet sausage burrito. Mmmmmmm…burrito.

But if I weren't sidelined by a burrito or stuck here in Cincinnati, I'd be in NYC taking the F Train TODAY between 7–8 p.m. Jim Holt, a composer I met earlier this year who curates the "My Ears Are Open" series has an installation called "Thru-Line," which will be performed today during this time. Says Jim:

"For this piece, 44 musicians will set up with their instrument at every subway platform along the Coney Island-bound F train line. They will all continuously perform the prelude from Johann Sebastian Bach’s 'Cello Suite No. 1 in G major.' Commuters will hear music while waiting on platforms, then hear snippets of the same music from inside the train, every time the doors open."

How cool is that? I'm a bit jealous of you New Yorkers right now, because this is an awesome way to celebrate winter.

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