The Aquarium

What a week. Yesterday my tenant's sewer backed up (surprise!), Johnny Damon double-stole during Game 4 (?!), and concert:nova asked a few composers to write a movement for their ensemble based on the title of a movement from Saint-Saëns's Carnival of the Animals.

Here are the composers involved in the project.

▪ "Introduction" - Xie Wenhui ▪ "The Royal March of the Lion" - Jeff Silva ▪ "The Cocks and Hens" - Charles Coleman ▪ "The Wild Animals " - Danny Clay ▪ "The Turtle" - George Flynn ▪ "The Elephant" - Inez McComas ▪ "The Kangaroo" - Jerod Sommerfeldt ▪ "The Aquarium" - Jennifer Jolley ▪ "The Mule" - Juan Campoverde ▪ "The Cuckoo in the Wind" - Douglas Knehans ▪ "The Birds" - Mara Helmuth ▪ "The Pianists" - Kurt Westerberg ▪ "The Fossils" - Michael Fiday ▪ "The Swan" - Douglas Pew ▪ "The Grand Finale" - Joel Hoffman

The concert is slated for early May, so more details will follow. In the meantime, I now have an excuse to purchase an annual pass to the Newport Aquarium. Scuba Santa arrives on November 27.

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