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the #armada ship has arrived

What began as a small Twitterexquisite corpse game in July turned into this: a piano sonata completed by twenty-nine composers.

How did this work?

"#Armada (pronounced 'Hashtag Armada') is a collective of composers and performers from all over the world engaged in a ludicrous game of exquisite corpse via Twitter. Each game starts with a set of parameters, such as 'solo piano, 4/4, 140 bpm.' A composer writes one measure, then tags someone to write the next one. He or she can describe the measure they have written to whomever they have tagged, but their description is limited to a single tweet."

Do you know how crazy this was? Here's an example of a Tweet sent by @dennistobenski.

Tag! 4/4; syncopated B/C# in lh; descending chromatic triplet-sixteenth in rh, ending on D-natural. #armada

You must also include the composer's Twitter handle in the tweet, and all of this cannot exceed one hundred forty characters. I ultimately don't know how the piece will sound, but it was a lot of fun—when I wasn't overly busy and swamped with work or composing or receiving a tweet on my Blackberry while I was at a concert.

Curious? Here's the score. Also…is there a pianist out there who wants to play it?

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