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the fairest of them all?

A few days ago John Mackey forwarded me an email about the John Cage Memorial Random Composer Award. (Dude, check out that picture of John Cage.) Ha! Thanks John! (Also, when I get my first paycheck from NKU, I'm going to make The Koi Pond to celebrate—it looks beautiful.) Anyway, the contest states:

"The John Cage Memorial Random Composer Award was inaugurated in 2011 in commemoration of John Cage's 99th birthday. The JCMRCA will be awarded to a single composer each year, whose biography and music will appear on this web page for the year. ALL composers are encouraged to enter—ALL those who frame, manipulate, capture, appreciate, organize, and hear sounds as music. It is the intention of this competition to recognize a composer of any age, gender, race, nationality, sexuality, style, influence, education or creed. However, it must be a real person. Donald Duck may not win this competition. If the winner is found to be sufficiently inhuman, a second winner will be selected. One composer will be selected from the entries using's true random numbers culled from atmospheric noise. No email addresses or information entered in the competition will be shared with any individuals or corporations. There is no financial gain to either the competition or the entrants. The winner will be asked to provide sound clips of their work for the website, which will be displayed for a year until the next competition. Come one, come all and add this bit of joy to your life as a composer—and maybe to your CV!"

I will have to say, please do NOT put this on your CV—this is all in good fun.

Image by taubuch on Flickr,Creative Commons License v. 2.0

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