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The Five-Year Blog Anniversary

If there is any excuse to post a picture of cupcakes, I'll do it.

GUYS, guess what: my blog has been in existence for five years. I'm actually surprised I've kept it up this long, considering that most blogs collect dust and retire to that Island of Misfit Blogs. (I'm sure they're loved by someone, somewhere, possibly by spam robots.)

Theoretically a five-year blog anniversary should be safe enough to celebrate, except that I misremembered its birthday. Ideally you should have been reading this particular post in November, but my typical blogger failings (not posting frequently, not posting consistently, forgetting blog birthdays, et cetera) prevented me from posting this earlier.

Initially some embarrassing posts went up, maybe because they were infantile rants of why I hated inventing titles (such an angsty grad student post, if you ask me), how I pulled a muscle in my back (because my grad-student self worked in bed), and how much I hate FedEx Office (I still hate them). And then a month afterward I had this bright idea of posting my rejection letters online.

I know what you're thinking. "If these posts are so embarrassing, why are you reposting them?"

I've got nothing, guys. How are you supposed to celebrate a blog anniversary anyway? Send out invitations? Dress up? Go out? (Do bloggers or composers even leave the house? Ever?)

I will say this: I want to thank you all for reading. When I started this blog, I never thought my cathartic posts would gain a following, but it has. And I hope to provide more posts in the future—if I can ever get around to procrastinating from my day job.

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