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The (Newport) Aquarium

My original plan was to go to the Newport Aquarium on my birthday. It was the perfect time to go to the aquarium because I didn't have much to do, no one would be there, I could be researching my next piece, and *it was my birthday.* I've also had this silly idea that aquariums cure writer's block and jumpstarts creativity. I blame this on Albert Brooks's The Muse.

In this film, Sharon Stone's character, being a muse of some sort, helps Albert Brooks's character, a screenwriter who has lost his "edge." She suggests that he should go to the aquarium; this would jog his creativity. (She also told James Cameron to stay far away from water. No kidding.)

Long story short, I couldn't go to the aquarium on my birthday because of the "horrible snow storm." (The aquarium closed at 4 PM.) I went on Saturday instead (along with lots and lots of other kids). Here are some pictures of the aquarium that you can enjoy peacefully.

The (Newport) Aquarium

After the aquarium, we ran into some Bengals fans.

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