This Week in Blogosphere (Early Edition)

1. In this Sequenza21 post entitled Two More Proms–Andriessen/Glanert et al, Rodney Lister mentions sources for Andriessen's The Hague Hacking.

"There were several sources, or perhaps references embedded in The Hague Hacking: the piano parts make use at the beginning and subsequently in the piece of the notes of the beginning of the Lizst Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, which Andriessen knew not so much from knowing the piece itself as from knowing its use in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, The Cat Concerto...."
I could not resist.

2. eighth blackbird is back. They're also coming to Cincinnati in January around my birthday, and they will be playing Stephen Hartke's Meanwhile. Ooohhh, do you think he'll be there in person? I should ask.

3. As mentioned in a previous post, New Music Hartford is putting together a concert that will benefit the South Park Inn Homeless Shelter. Please donate if you can. There's my plug.

4. Reason why this is an early edition: I'm giving a presentation on the only Boulez piece I like. But trust me, it is certainly kick-ass:

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