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This Will Be Our Reply to Violence

Photo: Jonathan Bachman/Reuters

I don’t know about you, but the news coverage of recent local, state, national, and international events have been cripplingly bleak. (Even as I write this, a coup is hopefully dissipating; we will soon find out how this ends.)

Photo: Max Becherer/AP Photo

When people are slain, I sometimes believe composing is useless.

I think, “How can I end racism?” or “Why can’t I educate a gazillion people at a time and teach them to trust and love one another? That fear and violence is not the answer?” or “These issues are so complicated…I don’t even know where to begin” or “Why am I sitting on my behind and doing nothing—I should be an activist. That way something can be done.”

Instead, I pathetically scour the Internet and read more heinous news stories and do nothing.

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