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uc graduate school promo

Remember that UC Graduate School Promotional video I scored? No? You know, the project from August 2010? Well, a couple of months ago I finally found out what happened to the music I recorded.

Long story short, the director originally conceived a four-minute promotional short, but then it turned into a twelve-minute project. I was asked to score the original four minutes of video without seeing anything.* And last November, the director informed me that the video was three times as long, and because of all the delays and re-filming or something or other, they barely used my music.

But that's okay: it's faintly playing during the CCM portion of the film while singers are discussing the program. (0:14–0:50) Enjoy.

*Normally the film composer starts scoring the film during post-production, not during filming. I'm not going to lie—that was strange, but I did what I was told.

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