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Upcoming Concerts

(Kitteh Komposer)

The last few days have been a little crazy (CCM library sale, performance at Bard, lunch/hang out with Joan Tower, almost missed flight from ALB, IKEA, eighth blackbird in Columbus, first trip to White Castle), but I thought I'd let you guys know about my upcoming concerts. (I will be blogging about my weekend this week. If I have time.)

Today, April 19:View from the Edge (Performance of 88 Exploding Ninjas, which references Kill Bill Vol. 1, not 88 keys on the piano. If you come, there will be a Qdoba nacho bar. I am not making this up.)

Tomorrow, April 20:Sonic Explorations (first official performance of Sounds from the Grey Goo II with Rebecca Danard, bass clarinet)

Wednesday & Thursday, April 21 & 22: LA Dodgers @ Cincinnati Reds. (Okay, these are not performances, but you know that I'll be at Great American Ballpark.)

Weekend:(ccm)2 improv performance at the IUPUI Intermedia Festival (I will be using the Max patch from Sounds of the Gray Goo I).

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