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vcme at flynnspace TODAY

Laurel (fl), Bonnie (vc), and David (pno) working on my piece. Photo courtesy of Dennis Bathory-Kitsz.

Come to FlynnSpace at 2 PM TODAY to hear the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble perform their concert "A Touch of Wonder." Here's the concert program:

"Flight 710 to Cabo San Lucas" - Jennifer Jolley "Meditation on 'Elzick's Farewell" - Peter Hamlin "Fuliginous Quandrant" - Dennis Bathory-Kitsz "Mortal Fools" - Cecelia Daigle (student composer of the VT MIDI Project) "Quintet" - David Feurzeig "What Story Awaits its End? - Thomas Read

I attended almost every single VCME concert when I lived in Vermont, and I can honestly say this concert is one of their best concerts. They are finally putting on a show and experimenting with different formats. This time, each composer was asked to offer an artistic tidbit after their piece. (No kidding. I've never heard of this before.) If you come tomorrow, I will grace you with a recitation from "Sex Machine."

Wait a minute! Shake your arm, then use your form. Stay on the scene, like a sex machine. You got to have the feeling sure as your born. Get it together, right on right on.
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