What the What?!

A friend of mine pointed me to this article yesterday about the CCM Faculty giving the Dean (Douglas Knehans) a vote of no confidence.

More than 100 faculty members have complained that

...Knehans does not communicate well, has failed to raise enough money to fend off budget cuts and that several smaller programs, such as jazz and music education, are in danger of being marginalized.

However, some have come out in defense of the Dean.

“Now we have a dean who wants to make big changes during the worst financial crisis in the university’s history, and of course, in the state and country,” said Eugene Pridonoff, professor of piano and artist-in-residence. “It’s very easy to make him the scapegoat of difficulties that are occurring and people are scared, because he truly wants to make some major changes that are necessary.”

This was a bit of a shocker. Especially before Christmas.

For those at CCM (like myself), what do you think?

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