Where's my scribe?

Have you ever written a piece that is taking forever to write? Literally? Like, you know where the piece is going, but you want to be DONE with it, and the only thing that is holding you back is the...NOTATION?

I started this voice+percussion piece at the beginning of the year, and I really wish I had a scribe right now. You know, the ones that would draw intricate pictures of the Virgin Mary in your manuscript in *color* or maybe even draw hidden faces in the first huge letter of the first word of my piece...that would be nice.

Instead, I really couldn't decide whether I should use Sibelius or write out my piece by hand. I ultimately decided on going to the local art store, purchasing another 6-inch clear graphic ruler and surgically attaching it to my hand. I then decided to use some manuscript paper that I purchased from Valle Music years ago. My only concern is that the paper size is larger than 11x17, so xeroxing it might be a little...tricky.

I hope I finish a draft of this by the end of this week. I have other projects to think about.

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