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Why composing in bed is bad for you

Earlier this week Cincinnati got cold. Therefore, I started living in bed again underneath my covers. (I did something similar in the summer when it got too hot and humid in Cincinnati, but that’s because the bedroom was the only place in my house where we had an air conditioner.)

What can I say? The bed is warm and toasty, and it seemed like a perfectly good place to eat, grade papers, and compose.


I pulled a muscle in my back due to the lack of pillows supporting my back, and I now have limited movement. I am also in pain.

This of course forces me in bed more often. Now I have two more things I do in bed: complete French homework and blog.

But seriously, I can’t stay in bed forever. In a couple of minutes, I have to go downstairs to put my lonely dinner bowl into a sink of its dirty-dish friends. This will be painful and slow. I should also probably feed my cats while I’m down there, because I haven’t fed them yet, and they’re probably hungry. Well, Coco isn’t hungry enough because she has planted herself on top of one of the heater vents.

Anyway, in the future I should probably just go downstairs and bust out the room heater.

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