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Wind Ensemble Listening List, Part 2

Wow. There were lots of comments/suggestions to the last post (as only seen through Facebook lenses), so I'm going to post those below.

Here are what some of my friends had to say.

Christopher Stark

Emblems by Copland A Child's Garden of Dreams by David Maslanka

Michael Cortes

* Irish Tune from County Derry by Grainger * Shepherds Hey! by Grainger * Lincolnshire Posy by Grainger * Cheetah by Husa * Hammersmith by Holst * Suite No. 1 (Eb) by Holst * Suite No. 2 (F) by Holst * Oisseaux Exotiques by Messiaen * Suite Francaise by Milhaud * Magneticfireflies by Augusta Read Thomas * La Fiesta Mexicana by H. Owen Reed * Blue Shades by Frank Ticheli * Postcard by Frank Ticheli * Toccata Marziale by R. Vaughan Williams * New England Tripyich by William Schumann * Theme & Variations by Arnold Schoenberg * The Passing Bell by Warren Benson * Percussion Concerto by Joseph Schwantner * ...And the mountains rising nowhere by Joseph Schwantner

Matt Stofferahn

Anything by Grainger (but especially Lincolnshire) Holst Suite in Eb Some of Vaughn Williams' military band music are more traditional but staples in the repertoire.

Kyle Werner

Varese - "Deserts" and "Hyperprism" Messiaen - "Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum" Schwantner is generally good, too.
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