Wind Ensemble Listening List, Part 4

Last installment guys. I met with Rodney Winther the other day, director of Wind Studies at my school. He gave me a quick list of composers with some titles.

Schwantner (...and the mountains rising nowhere) Husa (Les Couleurs Fauves) Roborto Sierra Colgrass (Urban Requiem, Winds of Nagual) Maslanka (A Child's Garden of Dreams, Symphony No. 4) Corigliano (Circus Maximus) [CCM will be performing this in February.] Wilson (Pieces of Mind) Daugherty Cindy McTee Don Grantham Harbison (Three City Blocks) Anthony Iannaccone (Sea Drift, Apparitions)

Time to get started!

[CORRECTION: The CCM Wind Symphony is performing Corigliano's Circus Maximus (Symphony No. 3) in JUNE, not February. I blame Google for this one.]

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