Xavier Rehearsal

Last Thursday I was *finally* able to hear Motordom in rehearsal. (I say "finally" because Cincinnati does not know how to use a snow plow, and therefore some rehearsals were cancelled due to school cancellations.)

Here's Matthew Westgate, conductor of the Xavier University Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

Shortly afterward Matt posted the rehearsal schedule. I mentioned to Matt that it was funny having my name on the same rehearsal board as Frank Ticheli because I studied with him at USC. (To my Facebook friends: This is the last time I'm posting this, I swear.)

The rehearsal was good, although some students were missing due to class conflicts. This is my first band piece, so I was a little nervous about how the piece would sound (balance issues, etc.), but I now I believe it will turn out okay. At least one of the percussionists liked it: he thanked me before rehearsal for writing an interesting vibraphone part. (Okay, normally "interesting" means "bad," but he seemed genuinely thankful.)

Tomorrow at 2 PM I will meet with the Xavier University composition majors and discuss their music. Should be fun. :)

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