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your first tape recorder

Do you remember your first tape recorder? Or better yet, have you rediscovered it and posted a video of it on YouTube?

I'm researching children's tape players/recorders for a piece of mine, and I accidentally found videos of these tape recorders online.

Or check out this one:

(I want to hear more Jungle Book!)

Here's my first tape recorder. Yes, it's brown and boring, but I learned how to read because of this tape recorder. My dad purchased phonics flash cards from Toys R Us and recorded himself saying the sounds from these flashcards, and it was my job to insert the tape, press play, and practice my phonics.

Do you know what my 1980s Fisher Price tape recorder came with? "Discover a World of Sounds!"

I recently asked my dad if they still have my old tape recorder. I hope they find it.

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