Sounds from the Gray Goo 2.1


April 14, 2011 at the Cohen Family Studio Theater


2+ clarinets

DURATION: The duration is at the discretion of the performers, so the duration of each performance will vary.

PDF SCORE/PART $5 (per copy)

PDF SCORE/PART CLARINET ENSEMBLE PACKAGE $25 (unlimited copies for your ensemble)


After witnessing my first experiment for percussionist plus laptop performer, clarinetist Rebecca Danard wanted me to write a laptop improvisation piece for her, so I eventually did.

Rebecca suggested that we work with pentatonic scales for our improvisation, so I created ten cells of notes (ranging from low to high) based on four Japanese pentatonic scales, then I recorded Rebecca improvising with the notes of these cells—all forty of them. The recordings of these improvisations were then electronically processed; this is included in the second clarinet part.

I adapted this version (SftGG 2.1) for (acoustic) clarinet ensemble.

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