Sounds from the Gray Goo 3.0


to Nancy Gamso



December 1, 2012 as part of Ohio Wesleyan University's Woodwind Day. Nancy Gamso, alto flute and soprano saxophone; composer on laptop.



Alto Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Live Processing

DURATION: 5 minutes


“Sounds from the Gray Goo 3.0” is written for Nancy Gamso.

Named after a potential apocalyptic scenario of nanorobots self-replicating to the point of drowning civilization in a “gray goo” because a careless programmer forgets to insert a kill switch, the large-scale vision for the series is to have several similar pieces for various instruments and the program flexibility to pick and choose among them to form a complete set. In other words, Sounds from the Gray Goo is to become a shiny black oil slick in the sea of electro-acoustic music. It would seem that the humans still hold dominion over the machines...for now.

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