Cookie5 Component

Opt-in to cookies w/o preferences

'Opt-in to cookies' is a type of cookie compliance that requires the user to specifically accept the use of cookies on the site before we issue cookies. There are no cookies given to the user until they click "Accept" (or a similar confirmation button). This is the highest level of compliance.

If the user chooses to "Accept" cookies, we run all of the scripts that use cookies. The user continues to use the site with cookies. Understand that scripts that use cookies are not loaded on the page until the user specifically accepts the cookie message.

If the user chooses to "Deny" cookies, we allow them to continue browsing the site and disable all use of scripts that issue non-essential cookies. They are never given cookies and will continue to not get cookies throughout their time on your website.

Preferences Manager is required for full compliance. For this reason, this option is not fully compliant.


  1. Paste the following code to Site Settings>Head Code. The javascript file can be placed anywhere in the Head Code:

    <!-- Finsweet Cookie Consent -->
    <script async src="" fs-cc-mode="opt-in"></script>

  2. Duplicate Cookie 5 Component symbol to all pages, preferrably inside the 'page-wrapper' div above the 'Nav' symbol like on this page.

  3. Add type type="fs-cc" as an attribute to all scripts that issue cookies. Super important. Follow the instructions on (click on Cookie Option 3, and scroll to Step 4.)

Visit for full Finsweet cookie consent documentation.