Bruce Babcock composer
Steven Block composer
Peter Castine composer
Alla Elana Cohen composer
Mara Helmuth composer
Jennifer Jolley composer
Josh OXford composer
Jason Taurins composer
Lindsey Goodman
Chrysalis Duo
Leviathan Trio

The album opens with Josh OXford’s intervallically complex Bluez... in which Goodman’s breath accompanies frantic jazzy melodies, rife with overblown harmonics and vocal harmonizations akin to throat singing. Next comes Bruce Babcock’s Soliloquy which soars and flutters, at once insistent and inquisitive. For Marsyas and Gadfly by Jason Taurins, Goodman performs a series of arrhythmic dances, punctuated by instrumental bends and shrieking cries. Steven Block’s sweet soulless solstice also explores the physical limits of the instrument, replete with ethereal harmonics. After that comes Mara Helmuth’s Butterfly Within, a four-movement work in which Goodman explores a new sonic landscape, full of extra-musical sounds and spine-tingling aural sensations. In Watercolors of the Master Who is Accustomed to Paint With Oils by Alla Elana Cohen, Goodman is joined by piano; her piercing exclamations are marked by uncertainty but gain a footing and grow joyful as the work progresses. “In memoriam” from Three Duos for Alto Flute and Cello by Peter Castine is marked by soft, droning chord clusters, with the interjection of a toy piano midway. Lastly, in Flight 710 to Cabo San Lucas by Jennifer Jolley, the rapid stabs of the trio give way to an explosive repartee, making for an upbeat conclusion to the album.

In ETEREO, flute virtuoso Lindsey Goodman captures the dramatic thrill of her stage performances. With flare backed by impressive technical ability, Goodman releases the fiery potential energy stored up within her instrument. Listeners who wish to challenge their assumptions and expand their appreciation for flute music need look no further than ETEREO.


1 Bluez…  (4:57)
2 Soliloquy (4:24)
3 Marsyas  (3:11)
4 Gadfly (3:11)
5 Sweet Soulless Solstice (5:59)
6 Butterfly Within 
        I. Serenity (3:34)
7 II. I Am Radioactive (1:01)
8 III. From Inside (2:01)
9 IV. Seeing Within (1:31)
10 Watercolors of the Master Who Is Accustomed to Paint Oils (Version for Flute & Piano):
       I. Andante mesto (1:53)
11 II. Con moto, triste (1:08)
12 III. Commodo (1:27)
13 IV. Allegro Impetuoso (0:45)
14 3 Duos for Alto Flute & Cello: No. 3, In memoriam (6:54)
15 Flight 710 to Cabo San Lucas (Version for Flute, Cello & Piano) (9:02)