September 21, 2022

Band Room Podcast Episode 82

Hi everyone. I want to apologize if you've subscribed to my blog (thank you, thank you, thank you!) because I just published a slew of back blogs. I'm still getting used to the Wix blog platform, and it turns out you can't just backdate prior blog posts. (I was trying to consolidate all my media across the internet, making my website the site to find everything Jenn Jolley, and the multiple simultaneous posting of very old blog posts was the result. I'm done now, I promise.)

NOW THAT WE'RE CAUGHT UP, I'd like to use this space to post my press clippings. (If you want to see my #composerfails, follow my Instagram @whycompose.

My interview with the Band Room Podcast just posted, so please enjoy!

Also, if you're more of a visual person, the YouTube video is below. Cheers!