December 13, 2023

Women in Wind Band, by Erin Keeton-Howard and Meghan Wagner

Written as a guide for discussion and reflection amongst music educators, Women in Wind Band thoughtfully looks at why female-identifying band directors are still a minority in the field and what can be done about it.

Centered on the experiences and wisdom of women in the field, the book is divided into three parts. Part I features essays by five professionals who explore best practice and contemporary issues.

Part II focuses on lived experiences presented through interviews with nineteen women representing many identities and intersecting identities, including women of various ages, races, ethnicities, orientations, years of experience, and levels of instruction.

After examining traditions, assessing current practices, and reflecting on lived experiences, Part III is a call to action, providing ideas and resources for shaping and supporting a future that is inclusive and sustainable—not only for women but for everyone in the field.

As the profession evolves, Women in Wind Band encourages readers with any level of experience to explore healthier practices and deepen their understanding through authenticity, community, and advocacy.

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