Ma Fin Est Mon Commencement, Est Mon Commencement

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8 minutes



Flute, clarinet, bassoon trio


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Ma Fin Est Mon Commencement, Est Mon Commencement

"My end is my beginning is my beginning."

Or so it was, the composer thought, back when she started this piece. The trouble of course derives from the curse that experiemental warlock Guillaume de Machaut (c. 1300-1377) placed in his original work, as once the third pass through the refrain is taken in the three-voice rondeau, a small impish demon is summoned and quickly banished back to the darkness. Had the composer known this, she might not have endeavored to recreate the passage with flute, clarinet, and bassoon, which are well known to be the devil's favored instruments in the underworld. Of course, this being the case, the demon that did get summoned was not small or impish, and utterly refused to be banished to the darkness. Unfortunately, because of the resulting catastrophe in the composer's studio, and the squatting demon that now resides there, the piece may forever remain uncompleted. Let this stand as a warning to all audience and performers in advance, that your brave attemps to muddle through this will be met with disaster (compiled by Brandi Griffin).

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