The Silent World

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3 minutes



Flute, glockenspiel, violin 1-2, viola, cello, piano 1-2


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The Silent World

There is something serene and placid about watching underwater creatures move in a contained space. Their motions are timeless and beautiful; their actions are purposeful but suspended in the aquarium. Watching eels, stringrays, and jellyfish float in a synthetic aquatic habitat reminds me of their simple primordial beginnings. In this piece, I created a sonic environment that synthesizes the aquarium by using various instrumental colors and basic homophonic melodies to create the timeless, murky qualities seen when visiting an aquarium.

The titles taken from The Silent World (Le monde du silence), a 1956 documentary film co-directed by oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle. It is noted as one of the first films to use underwater cinematography.

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